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Visualizing the great escape from mass-buying to personal shopping experiences

November is such a hectic month when it comes to shopping, to a point where we start visualizing a mass dumpster of what we thought would be perfect for us but turned out to be nothing like we imagined. It’s a click to connect and 2 days after you get it in the mail – you regret.

When we first started our venture adventure, we imagined the true and meaningful experiences we want people to have. Experience is not something you can get online (sorry but you really can’t). It’s something you receive by getting to know the story, by sharing it with people you love, by connecting parts of the real you to the full setting, and by feeling that you did not just do it for yourself but because you really shared an appreciation to the person who created it for you to experience.

Well, to be honest, the experience was our second thought. Our first one was that we wanted to help a business we appreciated reach more people who might want to experience them.

Independent creators and makers want to sell, that’s true. Only they don’t just sell a product, but something they created for others to enjoy. There’s a full thought process that goes into every little detail, and when we mass purchase – we never pay attention to the story that fully connects us.

We ask you to shop smart, hand pick your statement making items from independent local creators and think of shopping as a valuable investment in yourself, in supporting a growing creative economy, and in unique items that tell the story to connect between shared experiences.

Because you mostly shop for the experience rather than anything else.

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