Everything starts with an open door

How would you like to host a party for your friends, have fun AND earn money? 

You know how sometimes you sit at home, a beautiful thought comes to mind, and you say: "It would be so nice if..." 

We are 3 founders that have been working with Etsy type businesses for over 10 years. Seeing how they struggle to keep up with technology, sales, customer support, shipping and get their name out there. Everything just to keep heads above water and keep creating what they love.

So we thought, it would be so nice if we can help independent creators just by hosting them, introduce them to the people around us, have fun, and make money at the same time.


Much like hosting in life, we discovered a new world out of existing worlds. we studied the concept of Tupperware Parties, and figured out how to open our home doors to more small brands. Forming an Airbnb-lookalike, but tailor-made for hosting small businesses.

In order for the host to connect to sellers they like, we created tinder-like features to match sellers and hosts. 

we thought about the concept of pop-up shops, decided that when you get them inside homes and living spaces, they become "pop in". So when we combined everything together, we got Merry Pop In

Our upcoming platform lets you list your living space as a shopping party space, select the Etsy or Shopify sellers you want to host, and earn money simply by opening your doors and inviting your friends for the party.  If you are always looking for unique items - now you can actually host amazing sellers, get to know them, try everything on, and all in a home pop-up setting with your friends! 

Homeowners: sign up to list your space, host amazing independent creators, and invite your friends and neighbors.


Sellers: sign up to discover vibrant hosts, book your spot for the home party, and pop-in your shop inside beautiful homes, neighborhoods and communities.

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