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This is Merry Pop In

About us

Merry Pop In is a community-based online platform that connects vibrant hosts, creative sellers and local shoppers in home-hosted shopping events. 


Merry Pop In creates the future of shopping by trading online commerce with offline encounters, replacing remote action with real-life experiences, lifting retail out of commercial venues and bringing it home. Literally. We are at the cross-section of the sharing economy, real-life hospitality and face-to-face local commerce, enabling: 


  • Homeowners - to make a profit with a new stream of income 

  • Creators and sellers - to easily and effectively grow their business 

  • Consumers - to discover and connect with new makers locally 


Home-hosted shopping experiences facilitated by Merry Pop In open the door for happiness and joy, people-centric experiences, a homey feel and community building.

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