Like It? Host it!

Host Your Favorite Brands For A Shopping Party

It's who you are

Discover an amazing way to host your friends, have some fun, and make money!

We took the idea of a 'Tupperware Party', designed a marketplace that lets you host Etsy and Shopify sellers, so now you can earn cash or shopping credits from hosting

creative hand-made makers! 

Independent creators book their spot with you because they want to sell. Your friends pop in because they want to shop in a real creative local experience, and you? You are the reason they all get together! Become your community's social pillar!


Hosts? List your home, connect with the sellers you like, invite your community, and have fun.

Sellers? book your spot for the host's shopping party, and let your local customers know you'll be in their area for a day.

You can actually pop-up your shop WITH a local home, rather than at an empty store.


Local Community?  It's fun and unique shopping, mingling & socializing with your community, it's the real and most authentic local experience. 


Learn about why we started this

The Merry Pop In Experience

Girl Holding Plant
On a Penny Board

Connect with independent creators from Etsy and Shopify, and pick your date.

Invite your friends, office peeps, family, and your community.

You created this day for your friends.

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