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Welcome to

Merry Pop In

An online platform to bring us together through fun, home-hosted shopping events
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How it works for Hosts:

List your home, garage, or backyard, and set the terms for your event.

Sellers apply to book a spot at your pop in, and you choose your favorites.

Share your pop in invitation with all your friends and neighbors, and have fun - it's your party.

How it works for Sellers:

Sign up as a seller and upload photos of your brand.

Browse open events and book your spot

Meet your shoppers in person, and grow your business

Make profit with style

Monetize your home and leverage your connections to boost your income.

Become an offline influencer

Let your taste, style, home and network be the pillars of events that become the talk of town, growing your own social and business clout.

Host with no duties

All the pleasure of throwing a bash, with zero hassle and minimal effort.

Join our network of Hosts to: 

Join our network of Sellers to: 


 Get more than a space to sell
Participate in low-cost, maximum-value events tailored for keen shoppers whose taste and style match your goods. 

Connect with customers F2F.
Form a direct relationship with your audience via in-person interaction that drives intimacy, trust and companionship. 

Focus on what you do best.
Thanks to collaborative promotion, a network of shoppers at the ready and rich visual content for social media, your marketing game is covered end-to-end, so you can focus on what really matters. 


Share your space. Make a profit.
Stand out. 
Have a blast 


Sell more personally. Meet customers in person. Grow your business


Try on products. Shop fresh designs
Do it all close to home. 
Have fun

What people say about us

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"Hosting was the best opportunity for me to meet the community I had just moved into, and do it with style. I got to choose from amazing sellers and make money doing what I love."

Jasmin Ganzi, Ben-Lulu, Host

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"I’ve hosted 8 Merry Pop In events and I’m definitely down for more! As a home stylist, hosting is a fantastic opportunity to showcase my style and décor."


Michal Ronen, Host


“I participated in 12 home-hosted events with Merry Pop In, meeting amazing new clients face-to-face and growing my business - while having fun at it.”



Yafit Rosenberg, Seller
Owner, The Fluff Under & Wear


Sneak peak from past events
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